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What is a Reiki Massage?

We live in a world where our brains don’t stop thinking, planning, or calculating. We are overworked, over stressed and overwhelmed. Often, we wait until we are in a spiral to seek external help. Massage Therapy, whether it is Therapeutic or Relaxation is a great way to achieve immediate relief from symptoms of pain or stress. When one schedules regular massage (at least every 4-6 weeks), the stress cycle is given a chance to stop and reset.

In this post I’ll be explaining what Reiki Massage is. I’ll be showing you;

  • How it can benefit you to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation within a Massage Therapy session

  • Why you need to start incorporating this into your wellness plan

  • Who it would help the most *spoiler alert* it’s everyone!

What is Reiki Massage?

Reiki Massage is a treatment that encompasses the sacred practice of a Japanese energy healing technique and the therapeutic benefits of Massage Therapy. This combined treatment allows the body to fully relax, activating the parasympathetic nervous system. The system of rest and digest. Those that have experienced such service have reported a deeper sense of relaxation.

The practice of combining Reiki and Massage Therapy is not a new concept and has been around for a few years, but it still has a long way to go to be understood. Massage Therapy has been around for decades but has only begun to be recognized by physicians and other healthcare professionals as an essential part of rehabilitation and treatment for body dysfunctions.

Why is getting Reiki Massage an essential part of your wellness plan?

Without going into overwhelming details on the neurovascular system, we are exposed to elements that don’t allow our bodies to properly regenerate brain cells when we are at rest. Most of us don’t get rest at all! A good majority suffer from sleep disturbances or insomnia. We are in a pandemic of our bodies in a constant state of fight or flight – it is our stress response (good or bad).

For this reason, it’s important to seek a way to stop that stress cycle and stop the harmful effects of the body being constantly in a sympathetic response. Reiki Massage can help your brain shut down that stress response, even for a moment (60 to 90 minutes 😉) giving it a chance to regenerate some healing hormones. The combination of the treatments gives your body both a physical and energetic healing, giving the terms relaxation and rejuvenation a whole new meaning.

A case study sited evaluated the effectiveness of Massage + Reiki on clients with stress and anxiety. Out of 122 participants, the group that received Massage + Reiki experienced a 21% reduction in relation to their state of anxiety compared to 16% reduction with the group that received Massage + Rest. In the same case study, there was a 33% reduction in stress for the group that received Massage + Reiki than the group that received no intervention at all.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or over-STRESSED. A Reiki Massage is an excellent option to get you from feeling frazzled to feeling back in control. Give yourself a break, allow yourself to rest and digest. Give yourself a chance to experience true relaxation and rejuvenation!!

You can a book Reiki Massage through our booking site by clicking the BOOK button on our website or contact us if you have any questions. Namaste!


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